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Concrete Wall Finish

Protector for LOFT – Shower, counter tops, floor 33453-02


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Protector for LOFT – Shower, counter tops, floor 33453-02

Concrete Wall Finish

Protector for LOFT – Shower, counter tops, floor 33453-02


Free shipping

This universal high resistance protector is the perfect product to protect your surfaces from stain and water. Highly resistant to scratches and impacts thanks to the presence of ceramic micro beads. Ideal for high usage surfaces such as hallways, corridors and back splashes. Highly washable, it does not whiten and has a long-time stains protection. It is colorless with a slight satin finish and a beading effect. To be applied on LOFT Polished Concrete or LOFT Original.

This product is a water based sealant and does not offer the same resistance has real concrete, even if it looks the same. Protector is completely dry after a 21 day period. During this period, use protected surfaces with extra care.


Getting ready:

All surfaces needs to be completely clean and dry. Remove all fixtures possible, in order to have an empty surface to work on.



  • 1st coat:

Blend the protector and calculate the necessary quantity for a 1st coat. Dissolve
the quantity obtained with 30% of luke warm water.
Then, apply first coat with a short pile paint roller or a spatula doing a crisscross
pattern. If you use a short pile paint roller, use the spatula to smooth out the
surface to avoid creating over coated zones.
Let dry ±4h.
Do not blend the diluted protector with the rest of the can.

  • 2nd coat:

Apply second coat the same way as the first one, but undiluted.
Let dry ±4h.

  • 3rd coat (Mandatory for showers or countertops):

Mandatory for all showers, countertops or floors.
Apply second coat the same way as the first one, undiluted.
Let dry ±24h without walking or touching the protected area.

Brackets and joints:

48h after 3rd coat, you can reinstall everything that was removed. A silicone
seal is mandatory around the bung, in all corners and at all places where water
can infiltrate.
Let dry 15 days before using surfaces. Please note that there will be 6 days
left before the complete drying of the protector (21 days total), therefore, take
extra care of the protected surface during this period to avoid problems.

Taking care of your wall:

Only use non abrasive household products. Removing water after usage will keep
the sealant efficient for a longer period.
We recommend to do an extra coat every year on highly used surfaces (hallway,
worktop, shower)


Size: 1 liter container
Coverage: ±86 sq. ft. (2 coats calculated)
Clean-up: With water
Drying time: Please see detailed instructions
VOC: 65g/liter
Keep from freezing


Average coverage: 86 sq. ft. per container

Result: Enter width and height

More than 1500 sq.ft. to cover? Contact us!